Big Smoke Brew Co.

The Flintgate is a pub owned and operated by Big Smoke Brew Co., which is an award-winning brewery that produces a delicious range of vegan friendly beer. All our beer is brewed right in Surbiton, and all of the beer in our range is flavourful, made to be drunk in season, and unmissable.  

What Makes a Vegan Beer?

For vegans and non-vegans alike out there, you might be wondering what beers are vegan friendly, and which aren’t. What makes a beer vegan or not vegan, anyway?

The truth is that beer is inherently vegan, but things do get complicated during the fining or “clarification” process part of beer making. This part of the process essentially filters out all unwanted by-products of the beer making practice until all you have left is the clear, delicious drink you love and enjoy. Now, while us here at Big Smoke Brew Co. use non-animal materials during this clarification process, that doesn’t hold true for everyone.

Some breweries falter in their vegan status because they use animal products to filter these unwanted particles from the beer. Materials, including isinglass, are used to strain the unwanted particles such as degenerated yeast from the beer. The breweries that use this method are typically traditional, so you won’t be hard pressed to find true vegan beer from newer breweries like ours.

Our promise to you at Big Smoke Brew Co. is that we only offer vegan friendly beer that is delicious and perfect for drinking throughout the year.

Our Range of Delicious Vegan Ale and Beer

Our range of Big Smoke Brew Co. beer is hard to beat and the perfect accompaniment to our food menu. Sit down with some friends for a night out, or head to our pub for your Sunday dinner, we have it all!

Big Smoke Electric Eye Pale Ale (5%)

Our flagship pale ale that is crisp and perfect for easy drinking.

Big Smoke Solaris Session Pale (3.8%)

One of our best seller’s and one of the first in our range! It offers a very crisp and smooth taste to enjoy no matter your meal.

Big Smoke Underworld Milk Stout (5%)

Winner of multiple awards is our Underworld Milk Stout, which was brewed with vanilla pods, espresso, chocolate, and lactose for a delicious flavour and creamy finish.

Big Smoke Medicine Man IPA (6%)

A citrusy Double IPA which is sure to please.

Big Smoke Sunshower Extra Pale Rye (4.7%)

Perfect for the summer months is our Sunshower, which offers a refreshing flavour and a hint of spicy rye.

Big Smoke The Judge Double IPA (8.5%)

For those who love citrus, we have the Judge Double IPA.

Big Smoke Cold Spark Lactose Citra Pale (3.6%)

A creamy beer made with Citra hops.

Big Smoke Dark Wave Porter (5%)

Our first and most longstanding beer, offering a robust taste that delivers on taste.

Big Smoke and Electric Bear Knuckle Merchant IPA (7%)

A collaboration beer between Big Smoke Brewery and Electric Bear Knuckle.